Our values

We are simply patriots. We consider the American society a huge family where each member is important and respected, where everyone has their place and calling. Not only we as a coalition of businesses and organizations benefit from such philosophy, but we also enjoy it and believe it is right to protect the Americans at home and abroad. Within this priority, we provide most profitable and satisfying domestic and international contracts, and smooth processing of all orders for our clients and participating companies.

While the world is getting more and more automated, the very fundamentals of job market and business reshape in a way that some sectors benefit from it while others risk marginalization and sidelining, leading to stagnation, unemployment and inequality.

Our mission is to bring jobs back to America. Apart from making populistic political statements, we take actions. Our protectionism goal is about securing and expanding workplaces, especially the ones that are at risk of robotization, giving talented specialists and good hard-working people room to grow.